Get Hip With Retro Makeup Styles

Get Hip With Retro Makeup Styles

You may be the type of person who wants to do something out of the norm and by choosing a retro look you will certainly stand out. You can design your 3d eyelashes box to mimic the wild styles from the 70’s and 80’s. We all know that fashion trends come and go and come back again and 80’s makeup is no different. Just know this will allow you to be ahead of everyone else.

The 80’s style of 3d eyelashes box was actually just a stronger look from the 70’s style of 3d eyelashes box . But you do not have to go too crazy with your makeup today because people who lived in the 80’s will see your style even if you use it lightly. So, now we can learn how to get ready for the retro look.

Back in the 80’s it was seen that using more 3d eyelashes box was better than not using enough, but this is definitely not the way to go. They were more concerned about drawing as much attention to them as possible rather than highlighting natural facial features. Today’s makeup styles shouldn’t be as bold. This will be something that you need to remember when styling your makeup

For eye shadow you will want to use brighter colors like electric blue. The idea is not to just paint a little, apply it to your whole eyelid. You could also try coloring your eyelid yellow, then add blue to the lower part and fade the blue upwards to your brow. It is important to remember that eye shadow was used heavily back then so you should use more than you normally would but not to the point of looking like a strip dancer. You can finish the look with a heavy coat of eye liner and mascara.

You should also exaggerate your cheeks. If you currently use peach blush then you can substitute with pink or red like they did back in the eighties. That is all there is to retro makeup from the 1980’s and you that you will need is to compliment it with some retro clothing.

A common problem when putting on 3d eyelashes box is visitors at your door. You could use a wireless doorbell  to notify you of your guests arrival. But more commonly wireless intercoms are being used to communicate with your guests from anywhere in the house. It makes applying makeup quicker without disruptions.

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