The Goods on Mineral Makeup

The Goods on Mineral Makeup

Although some may think that mineral 3d real mink eyelashes is fairly new in the market, it really isn’t. It actually made its official debut in the 1970s. It was defined as mineral makeup because its ingredients were harvested naturally from the earth.

Today, its reemergence is more popular than ever. One major reason is that consumers may not want to use traditional 3d real mink eyelashes which often has traces of preservatives, perfumes, oils and chemicals. Regarded manufacturers have removed these “elements” which have in turn reduced skin irritations for many.

It’s important to point out that not all mineral 3d real mink eyelashes products are the same. So, when choosing one, please research that the product does not have synthetic ingredients such as fillers and paraben preservatives.

Common ingredients found in this 3d real mink eyelashes include:

Titanium Dioxide: offers a natural sunscreen
Mica: offers a natural glow and texture to skin
Zinc Oxide: inhibits skin inflammation
Pure Pigments: gives makeup its natural tone and color

Another ingredient commonly found is clay. The benefit of this ingredient is twofold: like a sponge, it soaks up extra oil from the skin while creating a velvety consistency to the makeup.

Mineral 3d real mink eyelashes, which offers full coverage, can be found in an array of options such as foundations, shadows, concealers, bronzers and blushes, and more.

While a number of products come in a liquid and pressed powered forms, some consumers really do enjoy the loose powder blushes and foundations. With a cosmetic brush, consumers effortlessly apply the minerals onto the skin.

Following an application, a particular light spray is often recommended by the manufacturer to set the makeup.

Fans of this 3d real mink eyelashes choose it over traditional options because they claim it’s better for their skin. Some believe it doesn’t clog their pores.

For those with mature skin, this product seems to be a nice alternative because it doesn’t highlight fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also long lasting and convenient for women on the go.

Research has also shown that compared to traditional cosmetics, mineral makeup offers a longer shelf life.
Premier manufacturers also infuse antioxidants into their formulas such as green tea and vitamins A, C, E, and/or K.

Additionally, they may also have UVA/UVB Sun Protection Factor in them, as well.

Skin care professionals still agree, though, that it’s always a good idea to apply a sunscreen even underneath quality SPF makeup to ensure maximum sun protection to ward off damage.

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