Makeup Tradition or Newest Trend?

Makeup Tradition or Newest Trend?

When you typically think of a “trend”, you think of something new that is popular but isn’t expected to stay around long. So what’s the story with 3d real mink lashes? The history of makeup and beauty enhancement dates back to the Greeks and Romans who used eye shadow, eye liner and lip stain. Many would agree that Indian and African tribes who painted their faces and bodies to prepare for hunting, war and marriage were using primitive makeup.

Several Middle Eastern countries have traditions relating to decorating the face and body in some form or another. I particularly love the Hindu application of Mehndi, the delicate designs that are applied to the hands and feet of a Hindu bride. Lawsonia Inermis is the plant that is used to make the henna mixture, sometimes people refer to the beautiful patterns and symbols as Henna. The paste made from the henna plant is not permanent but it can last up to 3 weeks.

India and Pakistan are just two of the Middle Eastern countries that have variations of Mehndi. The patterns used are unique to specific areas; they symbolize aspects of life, health, joy, children and love. Brides are the primary customers for this very intricate procedure. However, more and more women and men are becoming curious about this technique. According to fans of Mehndi, it feels incredibly sensual to be “decorated” with these special designs. I believe that is the intended purpose. 3d real mink lashes is intended to make us feel beautiful or to help create a persona or character.

Mehndi is typically done on the hands and arms or the feet and shins, but definitely not limited to those areas. Designs for the back, shoulders, hips, neck, and abdominal area are very popular. The cost is affordable and there are no risks. This ancient form of 3d real mink lashes has spread to other countries and is growing as a unique and sexy way to decorate any part of the body one would like without having to love it permanently.

The complete effect is very exotic and sensual, and both men and women like the way it looks. Henna is an alternative to permanent tattoos, and there are many beautiful color options. For many, the fact that it is temporary is a big plus. It’s available in many hair, nail and tanning salons. Mehndi is becoming more mainstream and women are getting it just because they like it.

Over the counter products are available if you want to do your own Mehndi application, or have a friend do it. But unless you are a seasoned expert we do not recommend them. You won’t be happy with the results unless you have it done professionally. Part of the whole experience is that a piece of art is being created on your body. You wouldn’t attempt to paint a mural unless you had the talent or the training to do it successfully. No more expensive than a facial or having a professional apply your 3d real mink lashes, getting a Mehndi is a cool and fun way to treat yourself to something different.

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