Latest Makeup Trends: Less Is More


Latest Makeup Trends: Less Is More

lashes eyelashes extension enhances the beauty and features of a face. The usage of makeup can be traced back thousands of years ago when ancient Egypt, Romans and Kingdom of Israel used to paint their faces and wear ornaments to beautify themselves. Nevertheless, just like fashion trends the makeup trends also changes from time to time. One cannot underestimate the importance of makeup trend as the right kind of makeup that goes with your features and color complexion can do wonders with your personality. However, one cannot neglect the latest makeup trends that go with current fashion trends in clothes.

shes extension trends that can be useful for you when you have to get ready for a party, office or school.

Bold lips: Bold lip colors like reds are very much in vogue these days but for that you don’t have to neglect your complexion and skin texture. Red lipstick will stand out best with all black dress. On a less daring note, you can wear creamy and shiny lip glosses which will not just moisturize your lips but will also give a very sexy pout. The red lipstick may work on parties but these lip glosses will work best for university students; and office going ladies can always wear neutral colors to give them a very fresh look.

Kohl: Kohl also known as kajal is a must-have regardless of which age group you belong to, as it completes the entire look. There are varieties of kohl available in the market depending upon the price and quality as various companies now offer smudge proof kajal to minimize the smears which might appear in this hot weather.

Smokey eyes: The latest lashes eyelashes extension trend which was admired by girls is Smokey eye lashes eyelashes extension which looks very chic and elegant. There are varieties of kits available in the market which offers Smokey eye makeup.

Nail color: Nail color is a very significant part of lashes eyelashes extension. Sparkly purple, chili red, hot pink and turquoise are much loved these days.

Color combination: It’s imperative that one keeps in mind the correct color combination because it has the power to either make your look or even destroy it. The latest makeup trends which is really in rage these days are red nail color and lipstick which goes best with all black or all white dress with just a tinge of eye liner and mascara. Because one must not neglect the fact “LESS IS MORE”.

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