Longer Eyelashes – Top 4 Methods

Women for a very long time have had to overcome not being blessed with long, thick, and glamorous lashes eyelashes extension. They instead have short and thin eyelashes that only get to be more of a problem as they grow older. For several years now the business of having longer eyelashes has grown into the multibillion dollar per year business that is today. With several choices available today, do you really know which way is the most effective?

lashes eyelashes extension
lashes eyelashes extension

False Lashes
Before the recent advances in other products, false lashes were considered the best way to achieve the appearance of long thick lashes eyelashes extension. They were rather cheap in price and they do look fairly good. The high end ones put on in expensive salons and the cheap ones from discount stores have the same problem, they fall out rather easily. The glue on them also does not do any good to the existing natural eyelash. It can damage and cause the natural eyelash to fall out when the lashes eyelashes extension lash is removed.

The staple of every girls pocketbook, mascaras are an extremely popular product. You will be hard pressed to find a make-up company that does not offer a mascara, they are everywhere. And just like all other product lines there are good ones and bad ones. They all are a temporary for achieving the look of longer eyelashes, you know this. Maybe you did not know however that the popular waterproof mascaras can also do some damage to your natural eyelashes. It is very common for women to lose an eyelash or two when removing waterproof mascara.

A rather recent advancement and the most expensive is that of eyelash extensions. The top brands of extensions cost over $500 a set putting them out of reach for most women, even more so that they only last about 4 months. They do look great though; top celebrities use them on a regular basis with changing looks in appearance.

Eyelash Conditioners
The latest of the enhancements these have become very popular in the last couple of years. They work by an application of natural moisturizers and minerals directly to your natural eyelashes. This causes the lashes eyelashes extension to actually grow and become longer and thicker on its own when applied daily. The new growth is evident anytime between 2 to 4 weeks in most women.

The Winner Is

lashes eyelashes extension
lashes eyelashes extension

These are by far the most popular eyelash treatments today, but only one of them actually is causing your natural eyelashes to become longer on their own. The eyelash conditioner is today a proven product to do what nature does not do for most women, provide them with naturally longer lashes eyelashes extension. For women that would like to try one of these products, a company called Idol Lash is making available for a limited time a special offer.

You can go to the Health & Beauty  Product Guide where you will be able to use a special link to the offer, the link will say, CLAIM  Your Package Today! Go check it out and then submit your testimony directly to the company about the results you got in 4 weeks. I have yet to find anyone who has tried this and it did not work for them.

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