Cocker Spaniel Eye Problems

Cocker Spaniel lashes glue latex free can be serious to the point of causing your pup to go blind. What you know and what you do could save your dogs eye sight. This report highlights the most common problems you should be familiar with.

There are several health lashes glue latex free and Cocker Spaniel eye problems that seem to go along with the breed. This does not mean that every Cocker will inherit these problems. In general, Cockers are susceptible to several kinds of eye problems including “Cherry Eye” and “Cataracts”. Being able to reconize the symptoms early could save your dog for suffering needlessly and possibly its eye sight. Here is the list of Cocker Spaniel eye problems you could encounter.

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Entropion mnhair – This happens when the bottom eyelid of the Cocker rolls inward. This causes the hair to start rubbing against the eyeball. This condition causes considerable irritation and can often be present in both eyes. Entropion can either be congenital or hereditary. Surgery is the answer for this Cocker Spaniel eye problem.

Distichiasis – This is a Cocker Spaniel eye problem where abnormal hair, or Distichia, begins to grow from the Cocker’s oil glands which are found in the eyelid. This can be a source of irritation on the eyeball. No visible symptoms may be present if the hair is soft and fine. However, if irritation is present, the eyes of your pooch may either become red or inflamed. In order to alleviate any irritation, and try to rub her eyes with her paws.

Several treatments are available for this condition. The abnormal lashes glue latex free may either be removed manually, with a form of electrolysis or by surgery. A course of antibiotics may be given in order to prevent any infection after surgery.

Cherry Eye – Did you know that your Cocker has a third eyelid that protects its eye? It contains a tear gland which sometimes will burst out of its usual position thus appearing as a red swelling in the inside corner of its eye. If this condition is present in your Cocker, it will need surgery in order to suture the gland back in its place. Antibiotics and ointments only work temporary. Surgery has proven to be the best solution.

Cataracts – If your dog has cataracts, you will notice that its eyes are cloudy in appearance. Your Cocker’s vision may also be impeded. If this condition is left untreated, it will lashes glue latex free lead to blindness. However, cataracts can be removed quite well by surgery. This can be a hereditary problem. Therefore, when you go to buy a Cocker Spaniel puppy, be sure that you check to see that there is no history regarding this disease in either the parents or the grandparents.

Glaucoma – This condition is present when there is an abnormal increase in pressure inside of the eye. If there is a problem with drainage inside of the eye, the pressure will increase causing enlargement of the eyeball and will lead to blindness. This is perphaps the most concerning of all the Cocker Spaniel eye problems.

Symptoms include red eyes, protruding eyeball, pain lashes glue latex free sensitivity to light. Treatment may involve either medication or surgery depending upon what type of Glaucoma it is. However, despite treatment, your Cocker may still lose its eyesight.

Conjunctivitis – This Cocker Spaniel eye problem is commonly called ‘pink eye’ and can result if your Cocker is allergic to grasses or pollens. This can also be caused from an infection cause by fungi, bacteria or a virus.

Symptoms of ‘pink eye’ include weeping of the eye, swelling and redness of the eyelid or a yellowish-green discharge. Your Cocker Spaniel may either rub its eye with its paw for relief or else rub the affected eye on your carpet. To get rid of this condition, ointment or antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed by your veterinarian.

You may never experience eye problems with your pup. However, it is a safe precaution to be aware and take corrective measures quickly to avoid complications if you spot any of the lashes glue latex free Spaniel eye problem symptoms.


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