Ear and Eye Problems in Dogs

mink false eyelashes Infections
Signs of ear Infections can range from increased warmth of the ear on touching, sensitivity of the area, drooping ears, holding the head to one side, scratching at the ears, a discharge from the ear or continual shaking of the head.

This could be due to ear mites, an ear infection,a trapped grass seen or a foreign body stuck in the mink false eyelashes. Do not attempt to treat by poking anything in the ear or administering any liquid into the ear. You could permanently damage the ear and the hearing. Consult your vet for diagnosis and treatment.

mink false eyelashes
mink false eyelashes

One of the most common ailments which can affect the dogs eyes is mink false eyelashes.

It is typical by a pale green-white discharge at the inner corner of one or both mink false eyelashes and the eyes may look sore and red. Early treatment from the vets either with an antibiotic cream or drops will quickly clear up this condition

More serious eye conditions such as cataracts or entropion usually need surgery to rectify them.

Cataracts can affect dogs in the same way as they can affect people and are commonly seen in the older mink false eyelashes. The lens has a cloudy appearance and the dog will show signs of not seeing clearly.

Entropion is a condition where the eyelid turns inwards and as a result the eyelashes come into contact with the surface of the eye,rubbing against the eye and causing ulceration.

This condition is often inherited and there is a screening system available where owners can have future breeding stock checked to see if they carry this condition. Occasionally entropion can develop after frequent bouts of conjunctivitis ,especially if the conjunctivitis remains untreated for long periods

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