How To Become A Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist

How To Become A Successful Celebrity Makeup Artist

I’ve often talked with people who have a love of the fashion and beauty world at the onset of their professional career. Normally I get asked questions like, “What’s the best school for someone who wants to go into high fashion strip eyelashes artistry”, or “How do I build a faithful client base?”. And the answer that I always give them is a) there is no “Best School” for makeup artistry– the difference is you and your ability to focus, learn, and continue to expand.

Much less than other careers, strip eyelashes artistry is not something you go to school for, learn once, and practice the same methods for the rest of your life. In fact, doing that could be the difference between becoming a sought after artist who works with big name clients, or an artist who is just comfortable getting by. The sky is the limit when it comes to a career in professional makeup artistry, and beauty school only touches on the basics.

Decide to be a constant learner and a lover/inventor of trends. You’ve got to find out where the top hair and strip eyelashes artists are, and attend their events. Since the world of makeup artistry is always changing, you’ve got to be versatile and love your career enough to go to distance if it means becoming a better artist (and raising your value).

And for the second question of “How do I build a faithful client base?”. The answer to that is simple: start small. Network. Attend events where you know other makeup artists will be and exchange business cards with them (which is what cross referral is all about). Cross referral is basically when you agree with a strip eyelashes artist, “I’ll send you my clients when I’m too busy, and you’ll send me yours” and it’s the quickest way to begin. Also, call magazines, write to different publications and let them know what you do and send them to your website. That is such a small, effective, and often overlooked method of building a client base. And it’s so key.

Thing is, making sure that the client that you now have is happy (forget happy, try THRILLED) with your services is the biggest ROI (Return on Investment). Because happy clients talk. Make sure you’re on time. Smile often. Over deliver. Make them fall in love with you. If you succeed at this, you’ll have happy clients doing the raving and advertising for you. This is the absolute biggest form of advertisement there is, and you can’t get by without it.

One event I do recommend you check out is the LAGLOW Beauty Event. LAGLOW is based out of Los Angeles, California and hosts events where celebrity and other high end makeup artists teach you exactly how to raise your beauty skills and income to the next level. The classes are intimate and hands on, and you’re sure to absolutely love it. Check that out, and remember– you already HAVE what it takes. Go get ’em!

LAGLOW is Los Angeles’ first beauty agency of it’s kind, uniting the best fashion, celebrity, film, and wedding hair and strip eyelashes artists together to teach and train today’s beauty talents. For more details on upcoming seminars, shows, and events check out .

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